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"Information day" le 10 janvier pour l'appel à projet "Technology-enhanced learning" (7ème Programme-cadre de R&D)

ICT CALL 11 INFODAY: Technology-enhanced Learning, 10 January 2013, Luxembourg

Voir le programme de cet appel à projet : Appel à projet "Technology-enhanced learning" du 7ème programme cadre : énoncé des objectifs

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Who should attend ?

This event addresses researchers and other stakeholders interested in submitting project proposals to the 11th ICT call under FP7, objective ICT-2013.8.2 Technology-enhanced learning. The information day aims at helping participants to better understand the work programme and criteria for the evaluation of proposals, to facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, and to meet potential partners for project consortia. Please note that the agenda will be focused on the research topics mentioned. If you are interested in FP7 in general, in guidelines for funding applications or financial procedures, you might be better served by attending an information day in your country. For dates, please check directly at your National Contact Point. 

What can you expect?

  • A plenary session in the morning will provide participants with information on the current work programme and on practical issues related to preparing proposals.
  • The parallel sessions before and after lunch aim exploring in more depth each target outcome in the work programme. Discussions will be based on contributions and questions from participants.
  1. ICT-enabled learning environments – target outcome 8.2.a)
  2. Learning analytics, educational data mining – target outcome 8.2.b)
  3. Holistic learning solutions for public administrations - target oucome 8.2.c)
  4. Support for organising competitions – target outcome 8.2.d)
  • Networking with other proposers
  • Bilaterals with the the DG CONNECT unit G4 staff of the European Commission

  • The agenda is available here.

  • The topics of the parallel sessions are:

How can you take part?

  • All through the day, participants will have the possibility to present posters in the foyer where coffee will be served. This will be the space to meet potential project partners and to exchange ideas.

  • In the parallel sessions will be room for a number of short presentations from participants. These should not take longer than 2-3 minutes, be limited to the research area addressed by the session and focused on the following :
  • - Who are we?
  • - What is the research question we explore? - How does it link to target outcomes of the work programme?
  • If you wish to present your project idea, please send the slides of your presentation on Monday, 7 January 2013 at the latest at Please indicate clearly in the subject line of the email which target outcome (8.2 a-b-c-d) you are addressing.
  • In the afternoon (14:30-17:00), participants can present proposal ideas or ask specific questions in bilateral meetings with Commission staff. If you are interested in a bilateral meeting of max 15 minutes, please inform the registration desk when you arrive at the meeting. It is not possible to register in advance for bilateral meetings. The slots will be allocated on the first-come-first-serve basis.

Terms of participation

  • Participation to the event is free of charge, but travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by delegates. Please note that the European Commission does not issue any personal invitations to this event or provide support with visa applications.


In line with the security rules, only registered participants can access the conference centre. Please fill in the registration form which will be available until 4 January 2013.

Where and when?

Thursday, 10 January 2013, 8:45-17:00
European Commission
Jean Monnet building, Conference centre
Rue Alcide de Gasperi
Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

Travel information


Through the mailbox below you can contact the unit G4 "Inclusion, Skills and Youth", DG CONNECT of the European Commission organising this event:
Information on past and current research projects

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