vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Une réalisation britannique brillante : le National Learning Network Material

Encore une visite étonnante et exotique qui mérite le voyage, à faire sur un site britannique, celui du National Learning Network materials.

On comprend que cet espace est lié au "Learning and Skills Improvement Service" qui "aims to accelerate the drive for excellence in the learning and skills sector, building the sector’s own capacity to design, commission and deliver improvement and strategic change"

L'introduction annonce la couleur :
  • de courts modules, en libre service ou téléchargeable sur une plateforme Scorm, scénarisés et accompagnés de guides pour tuteurs :

Funded by the Skills Funding Agency and its predecessors to support learners and organisations in the post-16 sector, the NLN materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK.

The NLN Materials are small, flexible 'bite-sized' episodes of learning. They are not whole courses but are designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. The materials adopt a range of approaches involving

  • some knowledge acquisition,
  • a chance to practice and absorb,
  • and some form of assessment to check that the learning has been understood and the learning outcome(s) achieved.
The materials give learners things to do and a chance to think for themselves. They are designed to be fun. Learners can make mistakes but can try again. There is plenty of in-built help if they get stuck and opportunities to go back and revise. Many of the materials include games or quizzes

  • dans un format unifié (probablement grâce à une chaîne éditoriale multimedia comparable à Scenari)
par exemple, Sociological theory, Marxism : Some key elements of Marxist theory.

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