vendredi 31 juillet 2009

Répondons à la consultation européenne en ligne sur l'apprentissage innovant

Shape the future of European education and lifelong learning!

“Is it time to increase focus on learning processes and attitudes?”
“How to ensure that assessment supports learning?”
“Shall bring informal learning into the policy spectrum?”

The Learnovation 26 statements are online for voting: take 10 minutes and contribute to the consultation on the future priorities to increase creativity and innovation in European lifelong learning setting.

The statements are available here: Consultation : the Learnovation imperatives for change.

Thanks for your participation,

The Learnovation Team

EDEN - European Distance and E-learning Network Secretariat
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
H-1111 Budapest, Egry J. u. 1
Tel: +36 1 463 1628, 463 2259
Fax: + 36 1 463 1858

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